Do you own your “junkyard” online?

posted on October 28th 2016 in Online Marketing with 0 Comments

Let’s talk junkyard dogs for a minute, shall we…Junkyard dogs know what they are guarding, and they own their territory! They don’t bother themselves with other territories. They understand what they are supposed to guard and protect, and they own it!

Your “junkyard” is your territory, your local area, your geographic and demographic target. Do you own it? Okay, we know that the question that you are probably thinking is, how do I own my territory where my customers are and why does it even matter!

First, to own your territory you must know your territory. Statistics show that most consumers – your potential customers – search for a business within 33 miles of where they live or work. We don’t know if that is an exact science, but we do know that where you are locate and offer your services is your territory and you better own it.

Why is it important? Well, here is one simple statistic that could help answer that question, 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business for a service or product that they need, either visit or make a purchase from that business within 24 hours…that’s power and more importantly, that’s money!

So, how do you own your “junkyard” online?

You follow these steps:

  • 1 – Be sure that you are listed in the maps in all search engines
  • 2 – Be sure that you are picking keyword categories that match your area and service
  • 3 – Make sure that your site is talking about your services within your territory
  • 4 – Have your phone number prevalent on your site
  • 5 – Your site better be mobile optimized

6 – Talk socially about your local area and how you service happy customers within your territory

If you are doing these things, congrats, you are probably dominating and owning your “junkyard” However, if you are not, you need to be either doing them or working with a company that can do them for you.

Contact us at kenekt and we would be happy to talk about how we can put these steps into action and ensure that you will be the top dog in your “junkyard”.

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