Internet Predicted to Be More Popular Than TV for Advertising

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There is no doubt that we are seeing a major shift where people go for media entertainment. Viewers are turning away from television and using the internet for video platforms such as Youtube, Netflix and Facebook to serve as boredom killers and stress relievers. Users use common devices such as cell phones, tablets and other hand held devices to search the internet for information or to just spend time on social media sites.

So what does that mean? As a business, you should be where your consumers are and advertise there.

A recent article report by Zenith Media predicted that “global internet advertising expenditure will grow 13% to reach $210 billion in 2017. Read this article to learn more about the need for a secure sustainable growth online:

Create a strong online presence and convert visitors from your website or social sites into clients. Contact kenekt for details on how to use the internet to achieve a business presence.

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Bringing Tempe Families Christmas Joy

The Tempe police department and a group of about a dozen citizens joined kenekt and The Jewelsmith in gathering gifts for children and cash for the Tempe families who were in need this Christmas season.

Our group of joyful volunteers met at the Jewelsmith at about 10:30 am Christmas Eve morning. Everyone participating brought unwrapped toys that had been collected throughout the month. The toys were all spread out on tarps in the parking lot so some of the older kids and adults who volunteered their time could sort the toys into age groups and gender. There were plenty of baby dolls, footballs and other fun toys for all ages that we knew would bring a smile to a childs face. While the toys were being sorted, a few people were inside The Jewelsmith store signing Christmas cards from Santa and stuffing them with $5 bills. Our happy elves worked hard as we prepared to head out.

By noon we were ready and Officer Burner of the Tempe Police Department arrived at our preparation site. All the sorted gifts were loaded into several trucks and three of Santa’s elves, jumped into the back of the Tempe Police SUV.

As we took to the streets the wind kicked up and the rain started, but that didn’t damper our Christmas spirit. We noticed there were fewer children outside playing because of the cold wet weather. Santa Ho Ho Hoed and sang Jingle Bells over the police cruisers public address system until the kids heard him and came running. The joy we saw in their faces brought warmth to our hearts on the cold, wet Christmas Eve.

Officer Burner walked among the parents who had gathered, talking to them and passing out the Christmas cards that contained $5 bills. Santa and his Elves mingled with each of the children individually and passed out gifts to each eager face.

This community event is on its 27th year and continues to be a joyful event for everyone involved. All in all this was a great day and great experience for the children and families who were recipients of the toy and cash donations and for the caring volunteers who are children at heart as they passed out gifts.

(Plus who doesn’t love seeing kenekt partner Terry Mickelson dressed up as a pretty cool Santa?!)

Thank you to everyone who donated and volunteered their time- we look forward to seeing you again next year!

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Kenekt Announces the 27th Annual Tempe Holiday Toy Drive

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Kenekt has partnered with the Tempe Police Department and Jewelsmith to collect and distribute toys on Christmas Eve to at-risk children and families.

Santa & Tempe Police Department Toy Drive

(Newswire.net — December 9, 2016) Chandler, Arizona –It’s that time of year when children eagerly dream with excited anticipation for the toys and gifts they can open Christmas morning. Sadly, for many Arizona families who are struggling financially, making those childhood dreams come true would be impossible were it not for local businesses, such as kenekt. As it has done in the past, kenekt is partnering with the Tempe Police Department and Jewelsmith Jewelry Shop in the community’s 27th Annual Holiday Toy Drive. Unwrapped, new and gently used toys and stuffed animals will be collected from now until Christmas Eve when Santa will distribute them to at-risk children throughout the community.

“Our participation in this event accomplishes two important missions: It fosters close ties between the local police and children within the community, and it helps needy families make a child’s holiday dreams come true,” said Terry Mickelson, co-founder of kenekt, an internet marketing company. “I can think of no better way to spread the holiday spirit throughout the Tempe and Scottsdale community than with this holiday toy drive.

Residents and businesses in the local community are encouraged to get into the spirit of the holidays by purchasing toys, sporting goods, dolls, plush animals and anything else a child would like to see under a Christmas tree for donation to the toy drive. Parents are asked to look around their children’s rooms for any gently used toys that might have been abandoned and consider donating them to a needy child. As in previous years, officials are asking people to avoid items that require batteries to operate. Donated items should not be wrapped.

In addition to toys, residents and businesses are encouraged to make cash donations in the form of five-dollar bills. The money will be distributed by Santa on Christmas Eve to those families and individuals who are in need. Anyone wishing to make a toy or cash donation may do so from now until Christmas Eve at any of the following drop-off locations:

  • Tempe Police Department Headquarters at 120 E. Fifth Street, Tempe, Arizona
  • Tempe Police Department Substation at 1855 E. Apache Boulevard, Tempe, Arizona
  • Jewelsmith Jewelry Shop at 1542 N. Scottsdale Road, Tempe, Arizona

If you are unable to bring your donations to one of the drop-off sites, kenekt will have the toys picked up. You can arrange a pick up by calling Terry at kenekt at (480) 556-9752.

Organizers of 27th Annual Holiday Toy Drive want everyone, adults and children, from the local community to get into the spirit of the holidays by joining them on Christmas Eve at Jewelsmith Jewelry Shop at 10:30 a.m. to help members of the Tempe Police Department sort the donated toys. Santa will begin distributing the toys at 12:30 p.m.

About kenekt

kenekt is a Scottsdale-based company offering a wide-range of web design solution services that allow businesses to connect with consumers and convert them into active customers. It has pioneered the use of kenekt2convert that allows their clients to connect with customers through social media and other online sources.

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Chandler, Arizona 85225
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Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00094456-27th-annual-tempe-toy-drive.html

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Do you own your “junkyard” online?

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Let’s talk junkyard dogs for a minute, shall we…Junkyard dogs know what they are guarding, and they own their territory! They don’t bother themselves with other territories. They understand what they are supposed to guard and protect, and they own it!

Your “junkyard” is your territory, your local area, your geographic and demographic target. Do you own it? Okay, we know that the question that you are probably thinking is, how do I own my territory where my customers are and why does it even matter!

First, to own your territory you must know your territory. Statistics show that most consumers – your potential customers – search for a business within 33 miles of where they live or work. We don’t know if that is an exact science, but we do know that where you are locate and offer your services is your territory and you better own it.

Why is it important? Well, here is one simple statistic that could help answer that question, 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business for a service or product that they need, either visit or make a purchase from that business within 24 hours…that’s power and more importantly, that’s money!

So, how do you own your “junkyard” online?

You follow these steps:

  • 1 – Be sure that you are listed in the maps in all search engines
  • 2 – Be sure that you are picking keyword categories that match your area and service
  • 3 – Make sure that your site is talking about your services within your territory
  • 4 – Have your phone number prevalent on your site
  • 5 – Your site better be mobile optimized

6 – Talk socially about your local area and how you service happy customers within your territory

If you are doing these things, congrats, you are probably dominating and owning your “junkyard” However, if you are not, you need to be either doing them or working with a company that can do them for you.

Contact us at kenekt and we would be happy to talk about how we can put these steps into action and ensure that you will be the top dog in your “junkyard”.

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Endeavor Senior In-Home Care

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This morning, the staff of Kenekt got the opportunity to spend some time on location with one of our newer clients, Endeavor Senior In-Home Care.

The eventwaffle-rush-cropped was an open house and waffle crush breakfast featuring a Waffle truck serving what could be the best waffles I have ever experienced! Vendors, referral partners, and friends were invited.

The open house setting gave us the opportunity to meet and mingle with staff and to get to know them a little better outside of the normal work environmentdave-cropped. This informal setting was outside in the perfect Mesa weather.

Dave Rodgers the Owner is truly one of the good guys. Not just in life but in business. It’s not every day you hear a business owner say things like they love “payday” because that means it’s the day that all of his employees get paid – and he gets to make a difference in their family’s lives.

This mentality and positive attitude was projected by all of the people we met this morning. From Ena at the
front desk to Amber the care director to Keren in Marketing, evstaff-croppederyone made time to sit down and get
connected one on one.

I have to say, when my mom is ready for some help, I will have no hesitation in calling the good folks at Endeavor Senior In-Home Care. I hope you will too.

Dave and Nancy Rodgers are the owners and heart of Endeavor In-Home Care. After both had a few tender life-changing family caregiving experiences, they were inspired to build a company that would bring a new level of love, joy, and care into the lives of clients and their families. Their incredible love of people and desire to serve are the reasons Endeavor is like no other home care agency in the industry.

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Are You Capturing Customers On Social Media?

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It has been said that social media marketing / posting only works if you have fans or followers. While this is not entirely true, because we know that search engines are most definitely following what is being posted on your social media accounts, it still is mostly true. If no one knows what you are posting about, what good is that?

First and foremost it is important to remember – if you have hired someone or a company to do your social media marketing, or if you are doing it yourself, you MUST be social on social media. Social media is not a place to only talk about your business, services, and products – even if you have the best of everything for everyone!

So, where do most companies lack on the social media front?….getting likes and followers. Who is going to hear your message if there is no one listening. How do you get these people to listen? Where do you find likes and followers? These are all questions that we get asked over and over again by our customers. Here is what we tell them and the steps that should be followed.

1 – Reach out to your customers. Do they even know you have social media accounts? Are you just assuming that they must know, because in today’s digital world, how could you not. It is your responsibility to let your customer know to follow you and why they should follow you on social media.

2 – Offer benefits to current customers and prospects for following you on social media. You could give away a free service or product. You could offer social only discounts and coupons. Whatever it is, make it something that can only be received or awarded if they are following you on social media.

3 – Hold contests. Let your customers and prospects know that once a month you give something away on social media and that you chose from those who are following you on social media. You could even do this weekly. The frequency doesn’t matter, what is important is the act and getting more people to follow you socially.

4 – Post social content. This is super duper important. People don’t want to just listen over and over again to why you’re the best, why your product is the best, etc…So, be current with posting about news events, funny articles, or even just light-hearted comical funny posts. Whatever it is, be social first!

5 – Promote or Sponsor posts. It is a good rule to sponsor or promote a post 2x or more per week. Be sure that your followers and those within your customer demographic know about you and your services / products. The more you do this, the more you will grow your followers and increase your engagement.

These are just 5 simple steps that will help. However, if you have a service based business and are seeing a lot of customers, you need to get them following you when you have the best chance, and that is directly after you have provided them with incredible service. Don’t be afraid to ask. Your customers are you best future customers and referral sources. Social media should be an important factor in growing your business and all should take a concerted effort at growing your social likes and followers.

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kenekt Speaks at Heal The Hero Cause Marketing Event

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New possibilities are now available for veterans and their families to thrive with renewed productivity, increasing their potential as high performing assets in our communities. ‘Healing families fighting silent battles’ represents an innovative approach to the new frontier of veteran productivity and performance.

Figures for veteran disability, chronic underemployment and financial struggle, broken families, and suicide continue to make their condition a national crisis. Public awareness and support has certainly increased, yet innovative solutions remain needed.

Heal the Hero Foundation, a (501) (c) (3), is providing strategic funding for military families. A decade-long documented success of advanced health technologies, focusing on comprehensive and revitalized health and well-being, seeks to mitigate the cycle of long-term stress for military families. The solutions funded by Heal the Hero create renewed health with subsequent links to sustainable employment and education success.

Clinical trials with veterans utilizing advance technologies have been conducted by Wake Forest School of Medicine since 2011; approximately 4000 military personnel, along with 100,000 individuals have benefited from using the technologies over the past decade, and a grant was provided by the U.S. Army’s Research Office.

Through a partnership with our Chamber of Commerce, “Save A Life. Grow Your Business. Become A Hero.” is now available in Mesa, enabling these technologies and services to be provided free of charge to Mesa veterans and their families.

The focus of the Mesa Chamber on creative solutions to the veteran crisis illustrates our ongoing commitment for community leadership. This program allows participating Chamber members to gain local recognition and brand loyalty while practically making a unique difference in the lives of Mesa veterans and their families.

kenekt was pleased to be a guest speaker at the Heal the Hero and the Mesa Chamber of Commerce business luncheon on Aug 25, 2016. Our Managing Partner, Aaron Lewis spoke at the event, sharing with the group of business professionals some tips for social media marketing from a business perspective. kenekt was thrilled to offer our social media consulting services to Heal the Hero to share how using social platforms to advertise has helped bring awareness to the need of helping veterans through a cause marketing program.

As Heal the Hero continues to bring awareness to the needs of veterans, kenekt will assist and provide guidance to small businesses who are involved in their ‘Save A Life. Grow Your Business. Become A Hero.’ campaign.

Social media marketing is a key point for any business and the kenekt vision is to connect businesses to their clients online with the assistance of a social campaign. kenekt offers social marketing services that include LinkedIn business solutions that strengthen and build relationships among business professionals. To learn more about the kenekt services, please contact us today and we will share with you our Social Media Best Practices for businesses.

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A Fun Christmas Eve Day on the Streets of Tempe

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It was a bright and beautiful day on the streets of Tempe, Arizona on Christmas Eve this year! The Kenekt team joined a group of volunteers at The Jewelsmith Shop to sort a huge selection of donated toys. Balls for every sport, stuffed animals, games, and baby dolls of all sizes were among the miscellaneous toys collected. Our group wasn’t being supported by a nonprofit organization, we were just people who wanted to give back to underprivileged children in the community and assist the Tempe Police Department as they reach out to families whose only interaction with them is usually negative.

After the toys were sorted, vehicles were filled with the unwrapped toys all waiting for Santa to hand them out. Volunteers then travelled with a Tempe police officer and Santa Claus into various Tempe neighborhoods. The group was received by excited children who were thrilled to have a personal visit from Santa. Holiday cards were also passed out by a police officer with a small monetary gift inside for the parents.

Thank you to everyone who donated towards this great cause; your donation was truly appreciated. This was a great experience for everyone involved and we look forward to doing it again next year!

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Kenekt Announces 26th Annual Tempe Holiday Toy Drive

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Kenekt teams with the Tempe Police & local businesses to collect & distribute toys & money to needy families & at-risk children on Christmas Eve.

Tempe Toy Drive Benefiting At-Risk Children

(Newswire.net — December 4, 2015) Scottsdale, Arizona — The only interaction some children have with the police is frequently not a good one. Usually, it occurs when a relative is being investigated or arrested. Kenekt is working this holiday season with the Tempe Police Department to change the negative way in which some children perceive police officers by collecting new and gently used unwrapped toys and stuffed animals for distribution to at-risk children on Christmas Eve.

“What better way to improve the image children have of the police than by letting them see police officers helping Santa Claus deliver donated toys and five dollar bills to needy families,” said Kenekt co-founder Terry Mickelson. “This is a wonderful way for all of us to give something back to the community in which we live and work.”

Organizers are asking people to buy and donate sporting goods items, dolls and pretty much any toy that does not require batteries. Parents might also consider donating those gently used toys in which their own children have lost interest. Toys and stuffed animals should not be wrapped. Because this year has been a particularly tough one for poor families living within the community, residents who can afford it are asked to donate as many five dollar bills as they can spare. All money that is collected will be distributed by Santa to families in need.

Donations may be dropped off at the following locations:

  • Tempe Police Department Headquarters at 120 E. Fifth Street, Tempe, Arizona
  • Tempe Police Department Substation at 1855 E. Apache Boulevard, Tempe, Arizona
  • Jewelsmith Jewelry Shop at 1542 N. Scottsdale Road, Tempe, Arizona

Anyone who cannot get to one of the drop off locations does not have to worry about being unable to participate in bringing the holiday spirit to an at-risk child or to a needy family. Arrangements can be made to have donated items picked up by calling Terry at Kenekt at (480) 556-9752.
The opportunity to participate in bringing holiday cheer to deserving children and families does not end with a donation. Organizers of this 26th annual holiday toy drive are asking everyone to join them on Christmas Eve along with Santa Claus and members of the Tempe Police Department at the Jewelsmith Jewelry Shop to help sort and organize the donated items.Sorting will begin at 10:30 a.m., so Santa can begin distributing the gifts at 12:30 p.m. This is a wonderful opportunity for members of the community, and particularly their children, to live and experience the true meaning of the holiday season.For more information on participating in this holiday toy drive, please contact Terry Mickelson at Kenekt at 480-556-9752.

About Kenekt

Founded in 1998 as a marketing company based in Chandler, Arizona, Kenekt has developed a wide-range of services from website design and development to social media marketing. The company’s focus is on assisting its clients to target their online audience, connect and engage with that audience and ultimately convert them into new customers.


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Chandler, AZ 85225
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Source: http://newswire.net/newsroom/pr/00091204-tempe-holiday-toy-drive.html

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