Are You Capturing Customers On Social Media?

posted on October 4th 2016 in Online Marketing & Social Media Marketing with 0 Comments

It has been said that social media marketing / posting only works if you have fans or followers. While this is not entirely true, because we know that search engines are most definitely following what is being posted on your social media accounts, it still is mostly true. If no one knows what you are posting about, what good is that?

First and foremost it is important to remember – if you have hired someone or a company to do your social media marketing, or if you are doing it yourself, you MUST be social on social media. Social media is not a place to only talk about your business, services, and products – even if you have the best of everything for everyone!

So, where do most companies lack on the social media front?….getting likes and followers. Who is going to hear your message if there is no one listening. How do you get these people to listen? Where do you find likes and followers? These are all questions that we get asked over and over again by our customers. Here is what we tell them and the steps that should be followed.

1 – Reach out to your customers. Do they even know you have social media accounts? Are you just assuming that they must know, because in today’s digital world, how could you not. It is your responsibility to let your customer know to follow you and why they should follow you on social media.

2 – Offer benefits to current customers and prospects for following you on social media. You could give away a free service or product. You could offer social only discounts and coupons. Whatever it is, make it something that can only be received or awarded if they are following you on social media.

3 – Hold contests. Let your customers and prospects know that once a month you give something away on social media and that you chose from those who are following you on social media. You could even do this weekly. The frequency doesn’t matter, what is important is the act and getting more people to follow you socially.

4 – Post social content. This is super duper important. People don’t want to just listen over and over again to why you’re the best, why your product is the best, etc…So, be current with posting about news events, funny articles, or even just light-hearted comical funny posts. Whatever it is, be social first!

5 – Promote or Sponsor posts. It is a good rule to sponsor or promote a post 2x or more per week. Be sure that your followers and those within your customer demographic know about you and your services / products. The more you do this, the more you will grow your followers and increase your engagement.

These are just 5 simple steps that will help. However, if you have a service based business and are seeing a lot of customers, you need to get them following you when you have the best chance, and that is directly after you have provided them with incredible service. Don’t be afraid to ask. Your customers are you best future customers and referral sources. Social media should be an important factor in growing your business and all should take a concerted effort at growing your social likes and followers.

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